Release pain, trauma, stuck emotions, and stagnant energy in your body.

Reconnect to your true self, deepen your connection, and access deeper peace through your body and breath. 


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Nothing that stays hidden ever heals.

If you've struggled with pain related to your physical body, emotions, life, sexuality and grief or loss; let's go inward, and get to know your true self.


Where would you like to start?

Monthly Group Breathwork

A transformation group breathwork experience to release unprocessed pain, find clarity, and reconnect to true-self in community.


Breathwork Healing Session

A 1:1 90 minute session to explore what is coming up for you, process/release, and find guidance through Breathwork and intuitive guidance.


3-Month Healing Journey

A 3-Month program with 90 minute bi-weekly calls + WhatsApp support focusing on pelvic, womb and feminine healing to find your center.


5-min Somatic Release Breathwork

Find peace in your physical and emotional body through Somatic Release Breathwork. This quick SOMATIC RELEASE BREATHWORK™ practice can be used regularly when you’re feeling tension in your physical body from all that you are carrying and desire a sense of relaxation for your body & soul. 


I'm Miriam 

As a previous Doctor of Physical Therapy and Pelvic Therapist, I constantly saw how unprocessed emotions, stress and trauma lived in the body, causing medical conditions, general anxiety, depression and decreased vitality for life.

I now guide Breathwork Healing Sessions for individuals and groups. Specializing in Pelvic, Womb, and Sexual healing based on my work as a Holistic Pelvic CareTM    provider and intuitive guide, these are practices that provide greater clarity, self-understanding, self-compassion, and ultimately expansion for both my clients and myself.


Miriam has fundamentally changed the way that I relate to my body -- and myself. My sessions with her have extended far beyond my pelvic pain into envisioning what is possible for my work, my relationship, and my life. With intuition and grace, she creates so much room for me to hear myself, and to start to trust my own voice. She is truly one of the Greats.

 - Erica R.

Working with Miriam has been nothing less than magical. She holds an intuitive intelligence around sacred femininity, the body, and deep emotionality that is far beyond words. She has guided me on a profound journey of self discovery to places I previously didn't even know existed. She is gentle, wise and calming in every sense of the word. With her knowledge of the physical body combined with her intuitive nature, she has guided me to listen, hear and honor my body.

- Jenna P.

Miriam, in the safest, most kind, warm and nurturing way shines a light on stories that don’t serve, allowing me to recreate my own vision for my life and my intimacy with my husband. I feel as if she has provided a key to unlocking more of my own power and wisdom or provided a missing puzzle piece. In just two sessions thus far, I have had big “aha” moments and huge shifts in my power!! The tools she teaches are invaluable and keep me in the driver’s seat of my own path. I am deeply grateful and honored to work with Miriam.

- SG

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