Breathwork Healing 

The fastest way to shift your  emotional state and move stagnant energy.

What is Breathwork?

Miriam is trained in both Somatic Release Breathwork and Breathwork through David Elliot. 

Breathwork is an active form of consciously working with your breath to bypass the mind and enter a different state of awareness. This is what most people seek when meditating but have difficulty accessing. Breathwork takes you to that place very quickly. It is the fastest way to shift your emotional state and move energy. A shortcut to healing.

The practice gives the brain's executive functioning something to focus on, so you can bypass the mental level of consciousness and drop into a deeper state of consciousness, where healing, spirit, truth and love reside. 

As you breathe, you will become aware of thoughts, feelings, memories, and patterns that are not aligned with love and self-love. Even though many of us have processed childhood, beliefs, patterns in psychiatry, therapy, coaching, or healing, breathwork offers an opportunity to release any energy that has been unconsciously residing in the body or energetic system. Once those energies are released, there is more space for your inherent life force to flow through you.


I offer 90 minute 1:1 virtual breathwork healing sessions from the comfort of your own home. We start by processing what has been coming up for you. I then guide you through a 45-60 minute breathwork session to evocative music curated for you.

*This can also be combines with feminine, pelvic, womb healing tools depending on what you are going through.


I also offer group breathwork via Zoom with specific themes on a monthly basis. Healing within a group can be equally powerful, as every group has it's own energy. You can sign up below. 

I am also available for private group bookings (such as for retreats, workplaces, family, couples, parties ect). Please email [email protected] for more information.

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Talking with Miriam made me feel that we were the only ones in the world. Her guidance has led me to a place of strength that I never thought I could reach. I will forever be grateful.

c.c, New Jersey


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